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"A Tragic Hero"-Julius Caesar William Shakespeare

Date Submitted: 03/27/2004 17:51:53
Category: / Literature / European Literature
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"A tragic hero, in literature, is a protagonist that is otherwise perfect except for a tragic flaw, that eventually brings him down in the end."(Wikipedia dictionary) Through out history, there have been tragic heroes in fiction and history. In history we can see this trough people such as people like Martin Luther King Jr. or John F. Kennedy. In the story Jack and the Bean stock, Jack gets some beans and plants them and …
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…would not die <Tab/> Overall Julius Caesar took a tragic hero's way of life, which ends with death. The flaws that Caesar is the cause his death. The flaws that Caesar committed were human and everyone could commit them. Overall Julius Caesar's tragic flaw of hubris which is shown in ways such as Caesar's sightlessness to understand things, negation to pay attention, and being arrogant, eventually leads to his tragic fall.
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