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A Secret

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 23:28:53
Category: / Literature / Poetry
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A secret My love for you is a secret, That I never can reveal, It's like a bad cut, That never will heal, I want to show you, The fire inside, It's always burning, It's something that I really can't hide, If I could I'd tell the world, About this burning passion for you, I would give anything to find, That you love me too, I saw a beautiful red rose today, What if I …
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…is way to scared and shy to tell her. He thinks about her all of the time. In the beginning, he is really timid about telling her, so he just thinks about her, and watches her all of the time. But towards the end, be builds up his courage, declares, "Getting you to love me, is a challenge that I will pursue". He decides that he will do anything to get her to love him.
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