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2004 USC Honors College Essay Choice 1: Values gained by continuing to differentiate "low" art from "high" art

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 23:12:57
Category: / Entertainment
Length: 2 pages (576 words)
Before evaluating the effect pop culture has on society, it is first necessary to examine whether there is an actual effect at all. Many people argue that 20th century technology such as television "dumbs down" society and encourages uniformity, but this may be a misrepresentation. Leveling implies the population becomes the same or close to it, which has never been true in American society. There have always been distinct differences between generations, and these generations …
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…and die out. Low art will always continue to generate itself due to the tastes of society, marketing, and media. Fine art needs to be continued to be created to ensure that the full spectrum of the arts is preserved. The distinction between high and low arts is necessary to prevent all forms of art from swinging to one end of the spectrum, and to allow other forms to be able to change their distinction.
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