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16 year old killed by gov

Date Submitted: 02/10/2003 13:54:47
Category: / Law & Government / Government & Politics
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Within the last few weeks, the alleged Washington D.C.-area snipers were caught. All evidence points toward seventeen year old John Lee Malvo and forty one year old John Allen Muhammad. Considering Malvo is only seventeen, he canít be executed in any surrounding area except for Virginia where the minimum age for execution is sixteen. This interested me heavily considering the government cannot find a right answer, even after six are dead. I …
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…to execute the mentally retarded. Why are adults with the mind capacity of a juvenile treated differently than those who truly are minors? Also, if our society has adapted to the idea that turning sixteen is being an adult, worthy of being put to death, shouldnít all rights be given to you at that age? Clearly we donít live in a utopian society, yet, I wonder why everything is so contradicting and hypocritical.
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