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«I didn't really have any personal expectations coming into the year. I thought I'd play as much as the coach needed me, but I wasn't expecting this much ice time. I wasn't expecting to get as many opportunities as the sophomores, juniors and seniors.»
«They are really used to people, so I'm afraid whoever shot them, that (the horses) ran towards them, and then they were shot. They're pretty scared now. They don't even want to be around me and I've been around them since they were born.»
«It's a real good win for us. For them to have the opportunity to play where the professionals play, that's a feeling I hope they never forget.»
Author: Mike Martin
«I started slow, ... I thought, 'This can't be happening to me.' I was very alert, very aware, but around the fourth round, some of the rust started coming off and I juiced it up.»
Author: Thomas Hearns
«The last few practices, he looks like the CT (Taylor) of old. This is an unfortunate season for him because he has never gained a lot of inertia. I hope to be able to use him in this bowl game like we've used him in the past and hopefully get that kind of carry-over where a year from now he can have a phenomenal season, because he's certainly capable of doing that.»
Author: Al Borges