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«If you win 50 or more games, ... you should only have to play two exhibitions. Forty to 49, you play three; 30 to 39, you play five; and under 30 you play eight. That way, the teams that really need the work will play more games.»
Author: Brent Barry
«We haven't triggered any kind of intensive levee patrol. ... None of the conditions are lining up where we would consider it a significant threat.»
«What we're seeing is an extension of PCs. We're probably going to see those companies with PC exposure get penalized by association with the PC market. That's not necessarily fair across the board, but the bigger the exposure to PCs, I would say the bigger the uncertainty that there won't be a problem.»
Author: Dan Scovel
«The reason the lights shimmers and changes in iridescence is that tiny holes that are exactly the wavelength of light being reflected, ... right now the size of chips is as small as it can be using lenses. The trouble is, as you go to higher wavelengths, the glass absorbs the light. The solution is to use mirrors, which will reflect most wavelengths until you get up into x-rays.»
«I embellished many details about my past experiences, and altered others in order to serve what I felt was the greater purpose of the book.»
Author: James Frey