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This report is on the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

Date Submitted: 09/06/2002 20:34:54
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Tragedy of Grief The play Hamlet by William Shakespeare may be described as a tragedy of grief due to the many situations of grievance. We see many instances of grief in Hamlet. There are three different categories that cause grief in this play; love, death, and revenge. Love is a major theme in the play. We see many relationships that cause grief to the characters in Hamlet. The love between Hamlet and Ophelia is very …
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…All three revenge plots end up with disaster. The only person who succeeds is Hamlet who, in his last wave of life slays Claudius in the middle of sin. This Play is a "Tragedy of Grief" in that all the characters are affected by some form of grief. Whether it is love, death, revenge, or a combination of all three, each character is affected by it, and either murdered or left to be found guilty.
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