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Short Story---The Old Days Again.

Date Submitted: 11/25/2004 12:16:21
Category: / Literature / Creative Writing
Length: 4 pages (1168 words)
THE OLD DAYS AGAIN!! My grandpa was sitting slumped and comfortable in his favourite chair telling me about the old days. It was always the same story with the same moral, "Jimmy back my the day we were very respectful to our elders, not like you lot." These were his exact words. Of course this would lead up to the magical solution, "All you new generation deserve a bloody flogging." Tell you now it was …
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…me another story, but he said that he would tell me one on another day. I was disappointed 'cause I really wanted to hear another story. But what can you do. Later grandpa and I went down to the shops to get some ice cream. There were no blokes in balaclavas this time. When I got home I said to myself, that I would one day be in the army corps. One day... The End.
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