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Science Fiction Story PART 7.

Date Submitted: 11/09/2004 22:55:39
Category: / Literature / Creative Writing
Length: 7 pages (1869 words)
PART 7 Flashes of bright light, streaming into my eyes. It was like I was in a whirlpool, going round and round, never ending. My head and body hurting like hell. Wait, I hear a sound, shouting, a voice shouting my name. "Charlie?" I answered groggily, "Charlie!" this time I was scared, something didn't feel right. My vision blurred, I stumbled to my feet. "Whoa, Easy there cowboy!" I heard a voice and cringed when a …
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…shone on something metallic near his pillow. I was about to touch it to see what it was, when Jason's hand unconsciously grabbed it and pressed it protectively to his chest. I shook Jason. "Hey, man, are you all right?" I whispered at him. He just snored and turned over in his bed. I shrugged. 'Must have been a bad dream', I thought, 'I wonder what that metal thing was though.' It looked familiar....
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