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Garth Brooks- A Romantic Poet

Date Submitted: 08/29/2003 08:18:50
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Senior Paper- Garth Brooks The Romantic Period was a time of very intelligent writers who successfully published many pieces that are still famous today. It took place between 1785 and 1830 mostly in the country of England. The period of time brought many changes to the English way of life. The country who was once a very agricultural country with wealth and power changed to an industrial country where you had to actually work to become wealthy …
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…William Wordsworth, a writer of the Romantic period. Many singers of the present have been known to follow the Romantic way of writing and Garth is just one of these many. For example, his songs are full of his inner feelings on certain things like love where he uses nature and the commonplace to describe these feelings. But the lines Iíve used in this paper are only a minute portion of all his work.
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