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DVD Audio

Date Submitted: 08/09/2003 19:25:41
Category: / Science & Technology
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DVD-Audio is a new music format that offers a major advance in audio performance by providing the listener with Advanced Resolution stereo (2 channels) and/or multi-channel (surround sound up to 6 channels) music. Consumer electronics manufacturers have announced a full range of DVD-Audio players including home decks, car and portable players. This paper will discuss the advantages and disadvantages and also the differences between a DVD-Audio and SACD. It will also discuss the surround sound capabilities, …
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…possibilities for composers, performers and producers. With this technology it will be possible to capture the total music experience with pictures or video on a surround sound compatible system along with your favorite band on a DVD-Audio disc. The only disadvantage about DVD-Audio is the fact that it is not fully marketed yet to the world. Once it is displayed properly musicians and also consumers will fully be able to understand the capabilities of DVD-Audio.
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