How our Affiliate Program Works

Anyone who owns and operates a web-site with educational, academic or other student related content is welcome to participate in the Data Researchers Network (DRN) affiliate program. It's one of the top affiliate programs on the web. Drive your traffic to our website and get paid for it!

After you fill out an affiliate application form it will be carefully reviewed by one of our affiliate program representatives. Once approved, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with all your affiliate account details. We will provide an access to various banner ads and text links that you will be able to use on your web-site by simply copy and paste. You do not need any technical knowledge.

When the visitors click on the link (text ad or banner) on your web-site they will be brought to our site and their activity will be tracked by our own affiliate software. You may also advertise our affiliate program on your web-site and encourage other affiliates to join it which will allow you to earn more money. Suppose:

  1. You join our affiliate program and begin earning commissions as a tier 1 affiliate.
  2. You tell your friend Amanda who has a related web-site about our affiliate program.
  3. Amanda decides to join our affiliate program. She now earns Tier 1 commissions on all sales made directly from her site. You earn tier 1 commissions on all sales from your site and also earn tier 2 commissions on all sales from Amanda's web-site.
  4. Now suppose John comes along and joins our affiliate program after being referred by Amanda. Amanda will earn Tier 2 commissions on all of Johnís sales, and you will earn Tier 3 commissions on John's sales.

The affiliate commission structure:

  Your sales Amanda's sales John's sales
You receive 15% 10% 5%
Amanda receives 15% 10%
John receives 15%

How much can you make with DRN Affiliate Program? If a customer submits an order and pays $500, for example, your potential income as Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 is shown in the table below:

Service Price Tier 1 (15%) Tier 2 (10%) Tier 3 (5%)
Custom Paper Order $500 $75 $50 $25

You will be able to track all activity from your personal Affiliate account and check the statistics of each banner placed on your web-site. If your balance is USD 100 or more you can withdraw the money by logging in to your personal Affiliate account. You will be able to access your affiliate account 24/7 to check sales, traffic and balance.

Sign up for our affiliate program and decide whether to continue or not. You will be able to cancel at any time. Our support team will do everything possible to make you succeed with our affiliate program.

DRN Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • Free to join & easy to use
  • Multi-tier affiliate program that lets you earn more
  • Real-Time Statistics and Reporting
  • Fast commission payouts without delays
  • 24/7 professional affiliate support
  • Wide selection of banners & text links
  • Unlimited Earning Potential

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I have been using various affiliate programs as a source of extra sales revenue, but yours is really amazing. DRN affiliate program is free and easy to use and what is most important let me start earning money after sign up. Thank you guys for such a great product and being my highest earning affiliate program to date.

Martina Klein
Educational Resourcers

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