Frequently Asked Questions

Data Researchers Network (DRN) provides assistance to students with writing academic papers. We also offer a subscription to one of the largest student research databases on the Internet which contains sample papers (essays, term papers, book reviews, research papers, dissertations, case studies, lab reports, etc.) used by students in their daily academic life.
Websites targeted at high-school, college and university students or those which contain educational and academic content are allowed to advertise. DRN reserves the absolute right to decline websites that are not suitable for our targeted audience.
Once you submit an affiliate application form it will be reviewed by our representative as soon as possible and we will reply with positive or negative result within 48 hours.
Absolutely! With our multi-tier affiliate program you can attract additional affiliates (sub-affiliates). It's better for you to have as many sub-affiliates as possible since your income will depend on their activity too.
Data Researchers Network reserves the right to approve or reject your site as an affiliate partner. If the content of your site is not related to the youth market, we may take a decision to refuse you in an affiliate partnership.
Once accepted as an affiliate, you should log in to your personal Affiliate account with your user name and password. There you will be able to find various banners, text links and other promotional material that will be suitable to use at your web-site.
Banners, text links or any other promotional items provided by DRN can not be modified.
Yes, you are welcome to place DRN affiliate banners and text links on any of your registered domains.
After you log in to your personal affiliate account all banners, text links and other promotional material can be found in Links & Banners section
After you log in to your personal affiliate account all statistics will be available in the reports of the "Reports" section. You will be able to track such data as amount of money per each banner, number of visitors, registered users, etc.
If you have any doubts we can check your web-site for technical failures. You need to provide us with your site’s URL and specify the location of our links.
Yes, of course. You will be able to track your earnings from your personal affiliate account area by clicking on "Reports".
A customer that you referred will appear in your reports within 24 hours after his deposit was confirmed, although sometimes there might be a delay. If he is still not shown after 24 hours, please contact our Support Team.
It is absolutely free to join DRN affiliate program. You may cancel at any time.
We offer 15% of every order placed for a custom written paper and 15% of the initial sign up for a research database plus 15% of the monthly recurring charge until the customer cancels his/her membership. You will be able to earn additional income by attracting new affiliates to our affiliate program. You, as an affiliate, are allowed to sign-up sub-affiliates. We will pay 10% on the 1st tier (to you) and 5% on the 2nd tier (on sales made by your sub-affiliate).
In order to withdraw your earnings you should log in to your personal affiliate account and go to 'Billing' section. Once you click on 'Withdraw Money' you will be able to specify the amount of money you would like to transfer (not less than $100) and click continue. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the money is sent.
Your earnings will depend on how much traffic you will direct to Data Researchers Network, and how many real customers you refer.
There should be at least USD 100 on your balance before you can transfer it to your bank account. If you earned less than USD 100, this sum will be carried over to the next month.
You should bear in mind that there's no commission from visitors that do not subscribe to our services. You only earn commission from customers who have subscribed to the research database or ordered a custom written paper. Your commission is calculated on the net earnings of those customers.
For additional questions with regards to DRN affiliate program you can always contact our professional and friendly Support team at or visit our How it Works page.


I have been using various affiliate programs as a source of extra sales revenue, but yours is really amazing. DRN affiliate program is free and easy to use and what is most important let me start earning money after sign up. Thank you guys for such a great product and being my highest earning affiliate program to date.

Martina Klein
Educational Resourcers

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