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Do you have traffic that targets young individuals studying in high-school, college or university? Turn those visitors into cash today! We offer a multi-tier affiliate program where you can earn commissions on not only your sales, but also the sales of affiliates you refer to it. Data Researchers Network (DRN) is one of the leading providers of custom writing and research services for the youth market. Our web-site generates some of the highest conversion rates in the industry. This means that the people you send us are more likely to order our student services.

We offer a true partnership where you get:

15% of every order placed for a custom written paper (usual order is $100-$500)
15% of the initial sign up for a research database
15% of the monthly recurring charge for the database subscription until the customer cancels his/her membership.

As an affiliate yourself, you have the ability to sign up other affiliates under you. In this case you will earn:

10% on the sales from affiliates they refer to our program
5% on the sales from affiliates referred by your sub-affiliates

We will cover the credit card processing fees and all operational expenses.

By becoming our partner you make sure all your referrals receive professional treatment and you, as an affiliate, get regular payments with any preferred payment method. There is more information about our affiliate program in the How it Works section. If you have any questions before you continue, please check our FAQ page or contact our professional Support Team for additional inquiries.

Our affiliate program is free to join, easy to use, convenient, reliable, and what is most important - can bring you a stable income with very little effort. Many people consider it to be one of the best affiliate programs on the web!

Follow these three basic steps to start using our affiliate program:

Step 1: Sign Up
Sign up now by filling out an affiliate application form.
Step 2: Get Approved
Wait for confirmation and log in to your affiliate account.
Step 3: Make money
Refer customers and start earning money now!


I have been using various affiliate programs as a source of extra sales revenue, but yours is really amazing. DRN affiliate program is free and easy to use and what is most important let me start earning money after sign up. Thank you guys for such a great product and being my highest earning affiliate program to date.

Martina Klein
Educational Resourcers

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